Hello Everybody, i am

Anubhav Singh

Software Developer,Business Consultant, Entrepreneur

I have 2 years of Experience in Software Development and Current run my own SAaS Company

About Myself

As a Software Developer, I have worked on Multiple Projects in Past 2 years. I have completed many project during job and as a Frelancer. During this working year I have learn, practice my Skills and still i am updating my Skills.


Total Projects


Total Volunteers

Adobe After Effects,Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Premier Pro 85%

Programming Languages(Such as C++,C#,Java,PHP,Python,JavaScript,Html,CSS,Swift,Objective C) 90%

Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Xcode,Visual Studio Code85%

FrameWorks (Such as Asp.Net MVC, Spring MVC, Php MVC, React.js,Node.js,Ajax,Angular.js,Java SE,Java EE) 95%

Web Development,Mobile Development,Game Development 75%

SQL Plateform(MS SQL Server, MYSql, Oracle), Game Development Plateforms(Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender)80%